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Hana Rent a Car is a subsidiary car rental company of "Hana Group Tourism Management LTD STI" based in Antalya, Turkey. 
Hana Travel as A-Group Travel Agency serving nearly 40,000 tourists annually, also listed in TIM 500 Turkey Services Exporters in 2016-17-18 years (500 Top Service Exporters in Turkey) and confidently on the way to service quality.

We just focus on making your car rental experience easier, faster and better in Turkey with our affordable prices and good condition vehicles.

For holidays or business trips, you need a long or short term car rental and you need a clean and stylish vehicle to get you there. With our wide range of vehicles in our fleet, we are ready to give you the most suitable vehicle for you.

We have a suitable vehicle for you from the wide range fleet and are ready for you.

Price is not only the criterion to focus on, but also the quality of the service you receive, the service you encounter during the car rental process, the maintenance of the vehicles or the unexpected problems waiting for you, we have no surprises for such problems, we only have solutions and customer satisfaction.

Hana Group Tourism is part of one of the reliable individual tourism and travel companies in Turkey and we are proud to quality and customer oriented service our customers since 2004.

We have three main core values: "honesty", "business ethics" and "quality service." In addition, we believe that trust, openness, teamwork, professionalism and punctuality in what we do are also essential.

We are always;
Customer satisfaction
Being transparent and punctual
Being Consistent and Reliable
Being based on expertise and merit
Cooperative, constructive and solution-oriented
Being innovative and open to new ideas and suggestions

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